Stalley – Trap Money (Produced by. Bennyhaze)

Stalley finally reaches his goal of 50,000 followers on Twitter & announced the release date of “Savage Journey To The American Dream” which is March 30th!!!! Until then rejoice in his new one check it out down below!

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[Video] Stalley – Savage Journey To The American Dream (Photo shoot)

Stalley is coming the MMG representer is preparing for the release of his new project he gives a behind the scenes look at his recent  photo shoot for the project.  Check it out!

More Than What Meets The Eye & More Then Average Listen

Stalley – 87 Regal (Produced by. Block Beattaz)

More from Stalley in his series “Songs by me, Stalley” check out the most recent! Patiently waiting on the release of “Savage Journey To The American Dream”

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[Review] More Than What Meets The Eye & More Then Average Listen

More Than What Meets The Eye & More Then Average Listen

Written by: Christopher Thompson(@MusicallyLiving)


What does it mean to love the vintage soul of a master piece in machine, what does it mean to be a lyricist with a every day guy mentality, what does it mean to be Stalley? With projects out such as “Going Ape”, “MadStalley: The Autobiography”, and the most recent “Lincoln Way Nights” with a ever growing surge in the industry and his most recent success with signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group it seems as if Stalley has everything a young rap artist has; hungry for fame, power, and backing. Even so that’s not the case with Stalley a humble, hardworking, and personable artist it seems through his music that none of those would even matter to him. From the beginning with “Going Ape” you hear something unsighted for most of the time in the music industry yet alone in the rap game a true poet, a emcee, a artist being themselves with an appeal to the backpackers and gangsta rap crowd. Stalley connects to many by being relatable and working his way up in through the underground scene.

Going Ape is a piece of mindful collective thoughts to his love, Hip-Hop as he goes from the intro track “A Memory” to one of the most intimate Hip-Hop tracks I’ve heard in my lifetime “Devil Sleeps”; he raps to Hip-Hop about how sickening he is as an emcee he shows his raw skills and talent and how intelligence can over come the trials and trills of a game lost to the wrong direction. As the next track comes to life titled “Believe” you here the b-boy in him he spits poetically and to the heart of all the hip-hop heads. Those first 3 tracks put that project into prospective that he’s not the average emcee he’s true to the game and the essence of the culture. He’s more than what meets the eye when you hear him open his mouth on these tracks you fall in love if you miss the purity of real hip-hop and the art of what the game used to offer. Stalley is a breed of artist that comes out every so often. Somebody that is true to himself/ herself and loves the true art of Hip-Hop but at the same time understands the modern day appeal to what listener’s want and fiend for.

The project after is titled “MadStalley: The Autobiography” and as titled Stalley seems to be mad right out the gate with the intro track “Masterpiece” he’s more aggressive more self inserted into the music. With only 12 tracks on this project you can pick your poison with one’s you love and like, but none of them are letdowns. Tracks like “Stay” show his appeal to the female listener and how he’s fighting for a relationship through it’s hardships, tracks like “TinLizyFordToARollsRoyceBoy” show his poetic edge as he slowly spills knowledge out bar after bar. I find the production on both of these overall projects very great he knows his sound he picks production that doesn’t drown out his voice or over power his lyrics. As time flew on Stalley grew to his next project “Lincoln Way Nights” which through him into mainstream spotlight.

When the release of “Lincoln Way Nights” came about Stalley had a buzz he had never had before with signing to Maybach Music Group and the co-sign of Rick Ross, he had listeners who had never heard of him rushing to hear this project. As more ears drowned themselves in this project you hear his ever so fond love for vintage cars and heavy bass; to new listeners it was there first impression to those who had been listening before this was something new in the music a different path. Stalley rides smoothly through the first half of this project while still appealing to old listeners and gaining many new ones, his stories are far more than cars and bass there is life in each one of these new views and songs on this project.

As you hit the second half of the tape with the track “The Sound Of Silence” it’s perfect for that late night cruise to get your mind right, with flawless ear grabbing production you have no choice but to feel it in your soul. A few tracks later assisted by John Mayer, he then hits us with “Assassin” where he goes at the hearts of other emcee’s and the streets hard. At the end of the project you get into my all time favorite track by Stalley “Monkey Ish” where he goes off on the industry, the lack of leaders in the game, and how other rappers portray an image that is far seemingly a joke then something to be looked at and took serious. Another one of the more touching songs he leaves at the tell end of the project the track “Tell Montez I Love Her” a letter to his mother and sister probably where you hear him at his most vulnerable on the entire project. You hear his love, respect, and fondness of his big sister. He closes out the tape as the hometown hero and the neighborhood superstar as he spits about the everyday process in “Lincoln Way” and his ever so relentless grind this is by far his best body of work all around. He is readying his next project

“Savage Journey To The American Dream” which he said he’d announce the release date for it when he reaches 50,000 followers on Twitter so go follow him on Twitter @Stalley. So until then he is doing a series called “Songs by me, Stalley”. Stalley is unique because he appeals to many different listeners, he is true to his artistry, and last but not least he’s humble and passionate about his craft. As an all around overall rating for his projects he stands with a solid 9. I think this project will take him to the next level he’s ready for all that he wants and more. Stay up to date with everything that goes on with him by hitting up —>