The Introduction – Che Merk

Well ok another dope submission here at the Fashodoe Spot featuring Che Merk from DC down below is his bio with a few things you should know about him.


Che` is a certified engineer with training from Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences. Che` currently works with Gudda Musik Recording (GMS), located in Northwest D.C. He teamed up with GMS in October 2010 and has since become one of their premier artists and star engineers. Che` released his first official mixtape in July 2011. People are in love with his witty lyrics and humorous bars. He displays a bit of cockiness in his lyrics, however, he has a smile that you can’t help but love him! In a world where the support of others is limited in a city with “crabs in a barrel” mentality, Che` sets himself apart by believing in himself and supporting others by bringing them along on his journey. He believes in promoting community success and not just self-success. He is willing to mentor others that are new to the industry. Che` promotes change in music and his surroundings. He is a genuine young man that you can’t help but fall in love with after sitting down and conversing with. After you hear his hit single “Freak Nasty”, you are left wanting more. Every song that he does reveals a piece of himself and shows the real him. From his freak nasty side to his affectionate side, which can be heard in his song “My Valentines.” And, of course coming from the DMV area, he delivers something for the streets as well. Che` never shies away from an opportunity to show what he has to offer, be it producing, writing or performing. He performs every week on and off the camera. In early 2011, Che` opened for Roscoe Dash at Club Opera in Mississippi. He has also performed at Liv night Club, Islands Café, Plaza 23, Spot Lounge, Lotus Lounge, Howard Univ Homecoming and various other venues in the DMV area. He steadily looks for venues to enable him to share the multitude of songs that have been created by him. Che` is a rising star and one of the few who can do what he does, the way he does it. He commands all eyes on him wherever he goes. His motto is “if you’re not working, your doing nothing at all”.

Well that bio is well worth the listening of the track so watch the video & enjoy the music! Stoner’s this one’s for you!!!

Download here


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