Politickin P – Black Hoodie Syndrom Feat. Milo Maestro

It’s been a while since we got some work from Politickin P & new track is something I think is missing in a lot of aspects of Hip-Hop/Rap just artist being true to themselves. Check out this joint down below!




[Mixtape] Magnolia – The Session

IT’S 4/20! SO with that being said and this being Milwaukee emcee Magnolia’s third project he’s finally finding himself at his most comfortable with his abilities and you can hear it in the music. I say this one is a must download! So you know what to do down below!

A little preview of what to expect down below.

Outta Luck


Download here

YOU CAN REACH HIM ON Twitter —> @Magnolia_601

Magnolia SECTION 

[Album] Jae Ace – Portraits Of Hours

One of Milwaukee’s best doing it I mean like really the man has bars & deserves his shine & he deserves it now! Check out Jae Ace’s newest project down below! Also a preview of what to expect from the tape down below!

Hold Your Applause Feat. Kiara Dupree


Download here


The Introduction – Michael Marxx

Well I have another dope submission over here at the Fashodoe Spot from a kid named Michael Marxx from Memphis & he doesn’t sound like anything out of Memphis right now. Down below is his bio & a little bit of info you need to know about him check it out!


Memphis, Tennessee native Michael Marxx, commonly referred to as King, is undoutably the breath of fresh the Hip-Hop world has been gasping for. At what he considers to be the beginning of greatness the young artist has a remarkable way of capturing the ears of listeners. He often refers to his flow as a conjure of lyrical content that consists of a perfect blend of ignorance and substance. Marxx stands firm in his belief that the music industry set the standard for society, and with that being said he look forward to a reformation of music, specifically for the Hip-Hop culture. He among other artists such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and etc. have developed a unique way expressing their personal opinions in a creative manner that is still enjoyable to the listeners. Whether his message may be political, societal, or just dark and twisted, this Hip-Hop freshmen is on the brink of paving the way to a successful future.

Well if the kid’s bio doesn’t sound interesting enough check out that video up top yet again & listen to him! He has a mixtape on the way as well, we’ll keep you all posted on more info to come!