Reggie Bonds – The Miseducation

Pain is often thought of in physical notion when you hear the word but it can be described and expressed in so many ways. As an artist who’s debut project was all of life at face value you hear a young man devoted to his craft and searching for a ear to pierce with his stories; driven creativity through abuse, drugs, and trying to stay alive can make one drained but Reggie Bonds has fought hard to keep the journey alive.

Reggie is a Milwaukee native but has a sound so painted to the landscape of what you look for in what Hip-Hop was and what Rap should be; “The Miseducation” is a plate of good eating and a ears worth of talent. Reggie is controlling out the gate as he grabs your attention with the 2Pac skit leading into the intro track “Reasonable Doubt(Painful Intro)” production soothing and his voice isn’t overshadowed by no unbarring sounds or overly assorted bass patterns producer Kelly Portis does one hell of a job with giving Reggie a soundscape to paint pictures as he attacks all over the track keep you indulge right away. The project is narrated by these skit that flow so well as they are placed in various spots throughout the project as you get past the intro you get into one of the more groovy tracks Reggie gives us a sight that we all need to take a closer look at on “Beautiful Struggle” as he continues his ear grabbing attack keeping all your attention towards his bars on the Terrance Martin produced “Beautiful Struggle(The Outlook)” the flow of the project is constructed damn near perfectly as it plays with no need or want to skip a track because it has the construction of if you skip a track you might just miss a valuable piece of the picture he’s painting on the mixtape canvas.

Reggie keeps the tempo nice and mellow as one of the standout tracks to me comes into play “Concrete Rose” with features from Charlie $tardom and Rue The Poet, the 2Pac skit that comes on before the track plays leads the concept of the song one way but when you catch it you understand. Reggie continues his job well done already of keeping your attention attentive on what’s next on the menu as he gives us a visual of his home on the next track “Where I’m From(The City)” Milwaukee can be carved out in many ways but Reggie does a unique job on his ode to the city on this track with Braggs leading the production Reggie says “They got me trapped me off in the system, I can’t pay for no tuition, if I try to feed the fam they gone lock me in them prisons I don’t know which way way to go.” with lines like that you wonder what else could you hear from a kid caught in what the streets offer but having the common sense to know the consequences.

Probably my favorite track and also a standout track “My Journal(My Thoughts)” you hear Reggie in his most vulnerable state giving us all of him with his emotions leading the way you hear the pain I spoke of earlier in the write up as the middle/half way point of the project sparks the flames in the dragon’s belly are heard on Reggie’s take of J.Cole’s “Return Of Simba” with lines like “I spit this shit for the struggle the book of life survival that’s what a nigga written yeah I give em guidance” Bonds is always passionate and direct in his delivery so you never feel a dull moment throughout he carries the weight of being an emcee well and an artist very productively and creatively everywhere throughout the project. Which is why this project should be in your collection of great and good listens.

The project is slowed down with his “Brainstorm Pt.2” track where he features fellow MKE native artist and SAFS crew headliner Blizz McFly; who does damage like no other on this track he coast all over the track with some top of the line wordplay that you won’t want to miss and he’s followed by his fellow SAFS partner Deb.On.Air that punches the track hard as well. Then new comer and MKE native PC The Real closes the track out with no lack or let down of what the track offered. Reggie keeps the value of life coming as he comes with inspiration for all of us going through that hard time on “It’s Possible(Hold On)” with that track being dedicated NFL Superstar Adrian Peterson.

Reggie closes the project out strong with the last 6 tracks as this project might’ve slipped past a lot of people I’m telling you to download and listen closely loose yourself in the pain of an artist growing through his struggles offering his flaws and perfections to us in a soundscape nearly flawless. Tracks such as “Dear Dad” are something you can’t miss; “The Miseducation” is solid, structured carefully, and packed with great production laced with content of life Reggie has a lot of growing to do but with a debut like this if you missed out then here’s your chance to pick up.

“The Miseducation” is a solid 8/10 for a debut offering with room to improve and sounds to play with Reggie Bonds is a name you want to familiarize yourself with now!

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